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When I encountered some problems that my very able website developer could not handle they referred me to TechLiberty and the issues were swiftly resolved. Since then I have from time to time turned to TechLiberty for advice on how to make my website more efficient and easier to administer -- and each time I have very impressed with their recommendations and with the enhancements they have made for my site. I could not be more pleased with their great ideas and outstanding service. If you have problems with your website applications, or if you simply are searching for intelligent and creative ideas to enhance it, I think you would be wise to let TechLiberty show you what they can do for you.


Mr. Fred J Eckert
EckertImages International Inc .

We employed TechLiberty to re-architect a web-based service, programming into, and providing security wrapping. In bidding on this project, TechLiberty provided a comprehensive plan on how they would accomplish these tasks, and patiently worked with us on details and questions we had. In addition, they offered their services at a very competitive price. Based on these factors, we awarded the project to them. As we moved into the initial phase of programming, our team determined that we should take this opportunity to add additional functionality to the system. We sent this information to TecLiberty’s U.S. – based team leader, Johnson. As can often be the case, we literally flooded Johnson with new work. He handled this expertly, integrating our new features, as appropriate, into the phases of the project he had outlined early on. He set up excellent tracking tools for us so that we could see the status of their work at any time. On a daily basis, Johnson contacted us, providing updates, and clarifying various pieces of the project along the way. He handled the complexity of the project with clear expertise, and gave us a feeling of confidence that he and his team would take the disparate pieces of information, piece them together, and provide us an excellent tool at the end of the project. We are extremely pleased with all aspects of the work TechLiberty provided to us. We would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them for any other company looking for expert and timely database work. When the time comes, we will gladly work with Johnson and TechLiberty again. We give them the highest rating possible.


Mr. Mark Knutsen
Vice President, Client Services
DistribuTrak™ Order Management Systems, Inc. .

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